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Get fine-grained control over your Ambir sheetfed scanners with the specialized SDK. Create your own custom user interface for controlling imaging settings, output format and automatic indexing. Complete with detailed documentation and programming flowcharts, the Ambir sheetfed SDK gives you everything you need for complete integration.
Microsoft Visual C++
Microsoft Visual C++ .NET
Visual Basic .NET/td>
Note: The Ambir sheetfed SDK is only for use with Ambir scanners. Hardware from other manufacturers is not supported.

The application programming interface is implemented within a single DLL file as a set of exported, C-callable functions. The DLL handles all low-level communication with the scanner hardware through the Windows Image Acquisition interface.

There's no need to hard-code the scanner capabilities and limits from within the application. Instead, it can query the current scan parameters, as well as the range of valid values for the parameters, setting them automatically.

How to get started.

To obtain a developer kit, complete the release form. Please forward the completed form to You will receive an email with a link to a secure FTP download site.

For help with development issues, please email Typically, there are no fees for technical support. If support costs are required, the customer will be notified in advance.

Specialized support requests for functionality beyond what is covered in the SDK documentation may require execution of a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

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